Sunday, 3 August 2014

Homeware Haul Part 2

I want to start this post by saying, I know I haven't posted in a while. And I guess I just needed a little break. A little time out to check out other blogs and gather my thoughts. But I am back and will keep posting as much as I can. So hello again or just hello. Here we go. 

Anyway a few weeks ago, I posted a Homeware Haul and was pretty sure it wouldn't be the only one. So here's a part two of more things I've bought for my uni flat. 

Last weekend, my mum and I made a trip to a bigger Dunelm in Thurmaston, Leicester and it's safe to say I had to stop myself buying more than I did. Good old me, only bought one thing. 

A hanging heart. I've become big on hanging things. They had so many different types; a bell one, smaller and bigger sizes, different material ones. It's a miracle I only bought one to be honest. But this'll look cute on the bedroom door or cupboard door and for £1.99 it was a good deal.  

We also went into Next and again had to stop myself buying everything. And literally I could have bought everything. I've fallen in love with Next Home items. 

These were quite random purchases but I liked the design and I'm sure they'll come in handy for something.

This is supposed to be a Candle Jar, so I might end up using it for that. But I also saw it being used as a jewellery pot or something. For £3 from Next I didn't think it was a bad price. 

This is meant to be a drinking glass but again I'm sure I won't be using it for that. I saw this being a cut makeup brush holder. It was definitely the designs that drew me to buy these items but like I said they'll find their purpose. I just thought they'd look cute together. Again, £2.50 not a bad price. 

Boutique Shop (I can't remember the name)
I went into Loughborough town looking for more cheaper Homeware items. Yet ended up buying the most expensive item and you're gonna think I'm stupid when you see what it is. (Right now part of me is thinking the same)

Another hanging heart. You're probably thinking what I was thinking after I bought it - why didn't I just pick up another one from Dunelm instead of spending £6 on this. Yup, I know. I don't know what came across me. I was just in this shop and wanted to buy something so spend that ridiculous amount on another heart. I spose it is bigger and has a ribbon. But yup, it's been bought now so I can't do much. Oh well, I'll cherish it forever and make it worth the price. 

The Works
The Works was the last place I went and actually ended up buying something completely different to what I wanted from there. 

I bought this little cloth basket. Again, it's purpose will be completely changed. It's actually meant for arty bits and bobs but thought it'd make a cute holder of something. There wasn't much choice of pattern but I'm not fussed by that. 

There's my second haul of completely pointless collectibles for my final year of uni. I'm sure they'll all serve a purpose for a year or less. Let me know if you've bought anything Home related. Or anywhere else I can buy more stuff (Oops). 

Til next time happy shopping x 


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