Thursday, 21 August 2014

Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday in about a week and a half. And as spoilt or big headed or greedy as it sounds I do have a wishlist, but it's split into two categories; a crazy-out-there-i-know-i-won't-get-it-section and a more grounded-maybe-might-get-some-of-these-things-section. Here are some of the things from both of them. 
Harry Styles Keyring - If you didn't know I'm a bit of a One Direction Fan so my 1D wishlist does extend beyond this. But recently I've worked out that's the one, simple 1D thing I don't have so want this. I get the feeling, even if I don't get this for my birthday I'll end up buying it myself. Yes, I've found out where to buy it - Amazon. 

Let's blog some sh*t Notebook - I saw Youtuber Zoella with the pencil case version of this and didn't up until quite recently realise there was a notebook too. As I seem to be getting more serious about blogging, a notebook will need to be bought eventually so if it's not this one it'll be another. But please let me know where you can get this from if you know. 

Custard Cream Cushion - Again something I saw in Zoella's video. Ever since I knew where I was living for my final year of Uni, I've known I wanted to buy a/some cute/comfy/quirky cushions for my room and the lounge. I've looked everywhere but haven't found the right pattern and it's because I've been looking for quirky designs like this. I love this cushion, it's just different and me. I love my tea and biccys. I guess I'll have to settle for a simple cushion. 

I love Nutella Crop Top - I instantly fell in love with top when I saw it. Again, it's me in a phrase. It's just a different, quirky top. 

Urban Decay Palette - I always have and will want this palette. I bet most beauty bloggers want this palette even if it's just to try it. It promises so many things, looks amazing and has some brilliant reviews. I don't think I'll get this for a few years but it's worth the hope. 

TK Maxx Bag - This is also something I always have and will want. I just love the TK Maxx bags. They sell some of the most amazing bags and even though they are a fairly reasonable price I've just never got one. I'll still keep hoping.

Nails Inc - At first you might think why is Nails Inc on there. If you wanted to you could just buy a bottle. But being a student, I don't have the money to spend that much on one bottle of nail varnish. But it's a brand I've always wanted to own. I've always wanted to test the difference between that and a high street brand varnish. Maybe one day I will. 

I'm not to sure how many of these items I'll actually get but I enjoyed staring at them and not being able to have them whilst doing this wishlist. 
Are there any things on your wishlist? 
Til next time happy shopping x


  1. I love the custard cream cushion! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. ahha I'll have to wish you an early happy birthday when we meet tomorrow at the Newark Blogger Meet! This sounds so lovely, love how you separated into two groups - if only we could get it all!


    1. I know. Everyone wants a few high end bits. I know right. We can always keep dreaming though x

  3. I love TK Maxx for bags too, they often have a bit of Dune in there! You should keeps your eyes peeled in there for Nails Inc polish, they often have a lot of nail varnishes in their beauty section! Or try the sale section of the Nails Inc website? I love that cushion too, I have a similar one from Sass and Belle in my living room - annoyingly the cat loves it too, and seems to think it's her spot to sleep on! xx

    1. They sell some amazing ones in there and some of them are pretty reasonably priced. Oo thanks, I'll keep an eye out. I love the names of the colours more I think. haha. I've fallen in love with that cushion.
      I can't find any others that compare to it. I think I'm gonna be cushionless. Aww bless your cat, must be soft then xx


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