Thursday, 10 July 2014

Something I Feel Strongly About

So I wasn't planning on writing this post. But when I went to a relatives house we found ourselves having a debate that I just had to blog about. I then thought it would fit into my getting to know me/lifestyle posts. I'll try to keep this short. 

The topic: Sexism

The debate (more like an argument) started from the idea that a guy wouldn't watch a
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programme/film because the main character was a powerful woman. For instance, the E4 show Revenge. Admittedly I've only just started to watch it myself but from what I know, the main character is a woman who tries to get revenge for her father's death. 

The debate came from the idea that it was difficult to imagine a woman doing this in real life, fighting in real life therefore a male wouldn't watch it. Is that sexist? 

But why? Why wouldn't you watch a TV series irregardless of who the main character was played by. 

The defense being 'I can't imagine a women doing this. It's not real life.'

Ok I understand that people prefer different genres and this argument started from the idea of watching fantasy/action series', ones not based on real life situations. But if you can watch Charlies Angels, Kill Bill and enjoy them both, both of them being actions and having powerful women as the main character. Why can you not even give Revenge a go. 

I know that certain roles suit certain people and characters but sometimes roles need to be changed and it can be interesting.

Harry Potter
The example of Harry Potter came up. Would you still watch it if the main character was a female. My answer? Yes, I'd give it a chance. Why not? 

Can you not imagine a witch fighting a Basilisk or competing in the Triwizard tournament. Or even killing Voldemort. It's only now that it's such a massive success that we can't imagine a female being the main character. But if it had originally been released as that I'd still give it a chance.  

It just makes me wonder why someone else wouldn't. 

As we sat down to watch the Brazil v Germany game, what a game may I say, the argument continued. Watching Germany score goal after goal, in a 'male dominant' sport, the question was asked 'Would watch this match if it was the Female team playing?' The answer, No. 

Why not? If you enjoy football why wouldn't you watch it irregardless of whose playing. And football is real life. 

After practically screaming at each other, maybe not screaming, but you know. I don't think we actually came to an agreement about whether it is Sexist thinking or not. But as a woman, it has to be? Right. 

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Maybe it's just how males have been programmed, to disagree with everything. 

Moral of the debate: A woman can do anything a man can. Maybe even do it better. 

Anyway, this was just an interesting topic that we came across and I thought I'd share some views on it. Thinking about it now, it slightly scares me that I'm old enough to have conversations like this. Ahhh I'm getting old. 

Let me know what you think. Til next time Happy Shopping. x 


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