Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Favourites

Now that it's already 3rd July, I thought it was about time I posted my June favourites. I can't quite believe it's July already. (only 2 months til my birthday) The year just seems to be going very quickly but here are the items I've been loving through June. 

The Body Shop Born Lippy
Born Lippy, The Body Shop, £2
Being the massive Body Shop lover I am, I've really got into their lip balms. They're so good. They make your lips soft and have some amazing flavours. I recently bought a friend the set of 3 and was so tempted to get one for myself. But I didn't. It lasts for ages and doesn't change in consistency or become sticky. Definitely one to buy and keep in your handbag. 

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick
Colour Crush, The Body Shop, £10
I talked about this lipstick in my Updated Makeup Bag post and during June I've loved wearing this colour. Yes, it's a purple - a colour to be worn with caution. But I've loved wearing it. It's such a pigmented colour (most Body Shop lippys are) that you don't need a lot and it lasts. I never thought purple lipstick could be my colour but I love it. Applied with a brush and you can choose the deepness of the colour. So it's great. 

Barry M Genie Lipstick
Genie, Barry M, £4.49
I actually bought this lipstick a while ago but have only started loving it recently. And yes it is green but don't be deceived. It changes colour depending on the 'Alkaline' (as said on the website) of each persons lips. So on one person it might be a bright pink or another light pink. I love it because sometimes I don't want a red or purple and this is great, easy to glide on. It feels so silky and glides on your lips and stays put. Essential. Plus it's a magic lipstick. Why wouldn't you want it? 

Sleek Storm Palette
Storm Palette, Sleek, £7.99 (Superdrug)
I first mentioned this palette in a haul post and after having used it intensively (as you can tell by the appearance) I love it. It's been such a great basic palette especially for all the weddings and parties I've had. It lasts the whole day and is definitely an investment. Like I've said before, a perfect starter palette with all the essential colours. 

Nail Art Gems

With all the weddings and parties, doing mine and other peoples nails has been essential and I wanted to try something different. I bought these nail art gems for the engagements last year but never bothered to use them. I love doing my nails and these just look cute and different. I bought these from Amazon and you get so many different shapes. They're great to have fun with. I would recommend buying some nail art glue to make sure they last on your nails. 


This is a bit of random fave. But as the weathers got nicer I've started to drink a lot more smoothies. They're so refreshing and easy to make. This one was Kiwi, passion fruit and banana. My favourite has to be Mango and Strawberry though. You can't beat the classic. 

Chocolate Tea

I recently discovered this in Tesco and had to have it as soon as I saw it. Chocolate Tea. No, you've not read that wrong. They're normal teabags flavoured like chocolate. It's not an overpowering taste though just a subtle vanilla-ey/chocolate one. You make it like normal tea with water and milk. But it's so yummy. I love these - combining my two favourite things - so why wouldn't I love it. I have to stop myself drinking too much now. 

Those were my June Favourites; a toss up of makeup and drinks. What did you love through June? Let me know. 
Til next time Happy Shopping x 

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