Thursday, 24 July 2014

Homeware Haul ft Primark and Dunelm

So I'm starting my final year of uni this September (balling my eyes out) and I've been going a little crazy on the home ware shopping. As it's my final year I want to make my flat as homely as possible. So as you can imagine have been collecting a lot of unnecessary items. 

Here are the things I've already bought. 

No flat is complete without candles and although I've already collected quite a few Yankee Candles, I've also bought some other ones. 

These were the first two I bought from Primark. I've actually started to find Primark have some great home ware items and it's pretty reasonably priced. 

The first fragrance I bought was Blackcurrant and Orchid. I like the idea of having big (pot) candles instead of little ones. It's so much easier for Uni as you don't need to take candle holder which could break or get lost. This is just one candle you can burn for as long as you like or until it runs out. I love the smell of both of these, they're both sweet. 

 I then bought Warm Winter Berry. As I'm going to moving back and spending the Autumn/Winter at Uni, I thought this would be the perfect smell to fill my flat with. For £3.50 each, you definitely can't go wrong with price. For the size of candle you get £3.50 is a bargain. Definitely one I'd recommend. 

I've also got this candle. I got this as a present so don't actually know where it's from. But you can never have too many candles so will end up taking this to Sheffield as well. 

White Jasmine and Lily are a common combination so you can't go wrong with this fragrance. Again, the size of this is fairly decent so it will definitely last a good length of time. 

Since seeing my flatmate this years comfy, soft, warm, fleecey blanket I've wanted one. And moving into a new place was the perfect excuse to buy one. After looking everywhere for the perfect snuggley one, I finally found it. 

This was the one I settled for; a purple super soft one from Dunelm. It's a big enough size to snuggle under; perfect for those cold nights, especially as I'm at Uni in Sheffield. The coldest place ever. Compared to other ones I found, I just love how soft and fluffy it is. That's all I wanted. And for £9.99 it's not a bad price either. I haven't opened or used it yet so I'll let you know how I get on. 

Bed sheets
As I'm moving to a double bed and duvet, a new set of bed sheets were in order. 

If you know me, you know I like my butterflies so I had to buy a set of butterfly patterned bed sheets. 

These are my more expensive bed sheets from Dunelm but I like the simple pattern on them and the quality of the material is reflected in the price. They look cute but elegant. 

The 2nd set is this one from (surprise, surprise) Primark. These are a different, more abstract pattern and that's what drew me to them. I love the 'mismatch' patterns and amount that's going on. 

These only cost me about £10 I think so they're so reasonable in price and I hope they serve me well for the next year. Again, they're so cute yet elegant. 

I'm still on the hunt for a few more bits and bobs like cushions and little ornaments. So I may post another haul when I get those items. If you know anywhere I can buy cute things from, let me know. 

Til next time happy shopping x 


  1. Gorgeous pieces! You're going to have an incredible time!! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Thank you :) Definitely will, just can't believe it's my final year. x

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. I did. I've become a little obsessed with little things like this lately aha x


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