Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's In My Bag?

A blog post I've seen many Youtubers do but as a video. So I thought I'd do a picture version and give you a little peep inside my bag. 

Of the many bags I have, I'm using this one at the moment. I bought it a while ago so it's not available anymore. It was quite pricey but I love how big it is and it goes with everything. 
Accessorize. £32.  

My Purse. A fairly new purchase as my other one had fallen to pieces. I'm still getting used to it as it's quite stiff but I love the colour (a greeny/blue) - something different. The open/close clasp for change makes it look quite cute.
Primark. Not sure of the actual price but somewhere around £9. 

Umbrella. You never know when it'll rain so I always keep an umbrella on me. After having been through SO many different ones, I'm hoping this one will last me a little longer. Again on the pricey side but like I said I hope this will last. If you know me, you know the butterflies are so me. 
Accessorize. £12. 

Lipsticks. I never leave the house without a lipstick or gloss in my bag. And these are the two in my bag at the moment. Both Body Shop of course. 

I've written blog posts on both of these and they've become an everyday lipstick for me. I keep a lighter and darker/brighter shade cus you never know what mood you're in. Again, I bought this on sale so they don't do this anymore. But they have some great, similar ones so go check them out. 
The Body Shop. 

This has definitely become one of my favourite lipsticks! I just love it and you definitely need to try it. I've again done a whole post dedicated to just this lipstick (so you can see how much I love it). It's a great variation on a bright red and suitable for all occasions. 
The Body Shop. £10. 

So I thought I'd combine the rest of the bits and bobs. So here's what else is my bag. 

My Ipod - you always need music on the go. My USB - in case I need it for work. My Gloves - you can never trust the British weather. These were bought from Accessorize, a while ago, so I don't think they still make them. But they do some really nice gloves in there anyway so check them out

My ticket holder - Bought for me as a present. What a genius idea. Cath Kidston. £6. My glasses case - I can't see long distance without my glasses. 

My Ipod charger - not sure why that's in there. Chewing gum - you never know when you might need them. Word of advice, give them out wisely otherwise they'll be gone before you've bought another packet ehe. Body Spray - you don't want to meet someone and smell. Hand gel - life saving in certain situation (well not really life saving but you know). A pen - you don't know when you'll need to write something down. Seems weird without a notebook though. Hmm. My house keys - essential. The key rings on them have been given to me as presents so not too sure where to get them from. But you can get key rings from everywhere. 

And finally. A lanyard - which did have the keys to my Uni flat on but I think I've shoved the keys somewhere in my bag.  I got this from Freebee fair at uni I think. So they are worth going to. 

So these are the main bits which I keep in my bag. There's other stuff like random pieces of paper, train tickets, receipts etc that just float inside my bag. I should probably sort that stuff out. Ooops. But you don't need to see them. 

Let me know what you're keeping in your bag. And til next time happy shopping x 

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