Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part One: Updated Inside my Make-up Bag

I did an 'Inside my make-up bag' post a while ago and since them it's changed quite a bit so I thought I'd do another one - an updated one. So enjoy. 

My Make-up bag 
Poundland, £1
This is my essentials make-up bag. It's from Poundland and was, yes, a pound. I didn't really want to spend loads on one so this was an absolute bargain and it seems to doing the job. So perfect! 
Blusher and Powder
Blusher: The Body Shop, Baked-to-Last Coral, £12. Powder: Boots, Collection 
Then I have my Body Shop blusher in coral and Collection Pressed Powder (from Boots). Both essentials. If you follow my blog, you know I have a thing for The Body Shop so naturally I'd say you can't go wrong with this blusher. It's just a light pink touch of colour for your cheeks. Apparently, they don't have the Collection Powder on the Boots website. So I can't find that for you but it might be worth going into the shop to check if they have it there. 

The Body Shop, Lightening Touch, £14. Debenhams, Benefit, Boiing, £17.50
Again, Body Shop and Benefit concealers. You can never have too many because you never know what you're skin is going to be like. Surprisingly, I think I prefer the Boi-ing one, it just gives a thicker coverage which is what I need from a concealer. It is more expensive though. But they're both great. I think I'm starting to prefer cream concealers to liquid ones. But they both do the job, it just depends on your skin. As my under eyes darker I like a thicker coverage. 

Boots, Natural Collection, £1.99
I found the Natural Collection concealer at the bottom of my bag. I think it was the first one I ever bought but I love Natural Collection for that. It's great as a starter make-up kit. I have some of the lip glosses and lipsticks and they're great. I might start using Natural Collection again actually. 

The Body Shop, £12
Surprise, surprise... Body Shop foundation. I love their BB cream. It gives just right amount of coverage and you don't need to cake your face in it. It's not as thick as normal foundation but still does the job. It comes out white but changes to the pigmentation of your skin. Clever I know. 
If you haven't tried BB creams before, they apply just like foundation but one thing I have found is that they do take a little longer to 'dry' and might feel sticky. (I do have oily skin though.) But once you've powdered it's fine. I'd recommend getting a tester first though as they have 4 or 5 different shades. 
And I love the smell of it, like pollen and flowers. That might not be important but you 
Boots, Seventeen, Make Your Mark, £3.99
My current pen eyeliner is the Seventeen Make Your Mark. It's great, easy to use and lasts. I'm not a fan of liquid liner as I find it hard to control. But this is just a pen you glide over your eyelid. You can make the liner as thin or thick as you want, it's so easy. 

This eyeliners great and I'd recommend buying it. But after using the Soap n Glory one, I don't think I'll get used to any others. It was exactly the same as this I just found that one easier to use and prefer that. Not sure why. It was just the price that put me off it. :( 

OK, so I actually wrote the whole of this post out and decided it was too long. So I've split it into two parts and will post the second one in a few days. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the little peep into my updated make-up bag. Let me know what's in yours. 

Til next time Happy Shopping x 

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