Monday, 2 June 2014

OOTD: Indian Wedding Number One

So it came to the first of 3 family weddings and the Indian ceremony. As it was a close family wedding I had to wear something quite heavily embroidered. 

I went for a traditional Indian outfit - A Sari - with diamond and stone embroidery. 

You can see the colour better. It was a two tone outfit- fading from orange/peach to a pink. This was the bottom 'skirt' part and it was all net material. 

This was the back - shoulder - part (that draped off my shoulder). The outfit was from India and I knew I wanted something like this as I'd seen a similar colour Sari in Leicester and fell in love with it. 

It was actually quite an easy outfit to wear as the skirt was already pleated and didn't need anything doing to it. I wore flat silver shoes with it as it didn't look right with heels. Jewellery included a fake Asian style necklace and earrings and bangles. 

It's quite a heavy outfit but I loved wearing it. 
I hope you're enjoying a little peep into my culture. Til next time Happy Shopping x 


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