Sunday, 15 June 2014

Beauty Review: Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops

With all the weddings and events I have going on this year, I knew doing nails would be an important part of that. So I kept meaning to by the instant dry spray. 

Finally, after putting it off for months, I finally bought some. But instead of my spray I found some Instant Dry Drops. So I thought I'd so a quick review for you and let you know if they actually work. 

I bought the Bourjois Instant Dry ones but you can get other ones out there. They're just as easy to use as the spray.

Paint your nails like normal. 

And simply pipette a little drop over each nail. It's like an oily liquid so if it gets on your skin it'll feel oily. It won't harm your skin though so don't worry. Leave your nails for about 10 secs and they'll be dry. 

They make doing nail varnish so much quicker and they're great if you're on the go. 
From: Amazon  Price: £5.99
I'd recommend buying this if you're impatient like me or have loads of events and have a long to-do list. 

These definitely get a big thumbs up from me and are worth buying. Let me know if you've tried any other sprays or drops and what you think. 
Til next time Happy Shopping x


  1. I'm sooo impatient with my nails this looks so handy!

    love victoriajanex

    1. I'm like that. But this is great. Definitely worth a try. x


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