Sunday, 22 June 2014

Updated What's in my Makeup Bag Part Two

So here's the second part of an updated look inside my makeup bag. If you haven't read the first one check it out. 

Boots, Maybelline, Colossal Volum Express, £7.19. Falsies, £7.99
My mascara will never change. Both Maybelline. I've just got used to these two and they compliment each other so well. Not sure why I use two but the Falsies just gives my eyes that extra pop. Definitely worth trying if you're looking for a change.

Lipsticks and glosses
Estee Lauder, Pure Color, Dragonfruit. Flava Craze.
These are bit random. Two lip glosses: Estee Lauder (I got this as a present) and I'm not actually sure what the other one is. I got it from the market and the marking on the tube has rubbed off. A random one. And a lip balm. I always keep one with me. This one's the Flava Craze one and it tastes so yummy on your lips. Not that it should be eaten. Ha. 

Surprisingly I don't keep that many lipsticks in my essential makeup bag. The key word being 'essential.' I'm a lipstick lover so if you look inside my makeup draw and millions of bags you'd find a lot more. But these are the 5 I keep in my makeup bag. From left to right...

The Body Shop, Colour Crush, The Right Mauves, £10
You can make out the colour of this lipstick better from the swatch - a sparkly purple. More of a party colour. Great to layer over a matte shade. 

Rimmel London, Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, 110, £5.49
I only recently bought this after hearing Youtuber Zoella raving about it, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. It's great. I love my vivid colours and this is like an orangey/red. Perfect summer colour. It smells so good as well. 

The Body Shop, Colour Crush, Damson in Distress, £10 
I didn't think I could off a purple. But recently I've started to love this colour. You have to suit this colour so I'd ask for a second opinions before buying it. I don't think I need to say anymore about this as you all probably know how much I love Body Shop. It works nicely with the sparkly purple above. 

Constance Carroll
 This is a brighter red and although the swatch looks similar to Kate Moss, it's not when you put it on. It was from the market for a pound. Bargain. It was Constance Carroll but unfortunately I don't think they make this brand anymore. If you find it though you're in luck. 

The Body Shop, Colour Crush, Golden Flirt, £10
Finally another light, shimmery colour. This just shimmers on your lips so great for parties again. You could layer it with a gloss as well. 

Other random items
Angled Brush: Market, £1. Lip: The Body Shop, £9
My 2 random brushes. An angled and lip/concealer brush. I have a separate bag of brushes but these are the 2 that I use on everyday so keep them handy. 

And old but good Rimmel eye liner pencil. You never know when you might need one. They're life savers if your other liners run out. 

Baby Skin, Maybelline, £7.99. Eye Cream, Superdrug,£5.99
Finally, my Primer and Eye cream. I've only recently got into eye cream so I'll let you know how I get on. But the Primer seems to be doing it job. It makes my skin soft and holds my makeup. 

So there you go. A look inside makeup bag. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what's inside yours. Or if you use anything I do. 

Til next time Happy Shopping x 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Five Ways to Win my Heart

For a few weeks now I've wanted to try and include the lifestyle and get to know me aspect into my blog a bit more. So after some internet searching I came across a few 30 Day Blog Challenges. After giving some a read I think I've decided it might be entertaining to write some of these up as posts myself. 

Ok so lets be clear. I'm not actually doing the challenge just picking a few intriguing questions to fit around my other posts. So let's do this. 

First one... Five ways to win my heart. 

1) Be able to make a good cup of tea. 
You probably don't know this about me but I'm a tea addict. How British. I love the stuff and being able to make a good 'cuppa' is essential. It needs the right amount of sugar to milk ratio and the teabag needs to be left in for me. Also none of this, put the milk in first. Nope. The water comes first and then milk. I need my tea in the morning and it needs to taste right. I've even become that much of an addict I have to have it before I go to bed. Better make sure you've got enough teabags when I come round. 
Image Credited to
2) Make me laugh.
Cue the soppy music. There had to a serious one in here somewhere and this is mine. You can't get through life without laughing so having someone to make you laugh is essential. I've been told I smile a lot anyway but I still need someone to make to laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. 
Image Credited to

3) Be able to put up with my Body Shop addiction.
If you follow this blog or just know me, you'll know how much I've become a Body Shop 
lover. I'm constantly shopping there and raving about the products. Honestly though until you've tried them don't judge me. So I guess being able to put up with my Body Shop addiction would be a major one. (or even just buy me something from there)
4) Be a foodie. 
Like tea, I love food. I'm constantly eating. There's a fat kid inside me waiting to pop out any day. The funny thing is, I'll eat and within in a hour or so be hungry again. I know. I'm a weird human. But having a good eye for food, being able to cook or even just bringing home my favourite food (it's anything chocolate just FYI) is another way to win my heart. 

And finally failing all of that...

5) Be Harry Styles. 
Yup. Simple as. 

See another thing you probably didn't know is that I'm a bit of a One Direction fan. So Harry if you're reading this or someone who knows him is. I'll be waiting. 
Image Credited to
There you are. The 5 ways to win my heart. There are many more serious and funny ones but these are the 5 main ones. What are the ways to win your heart?

I hope you enjoyed this different type of post. Let me know what you think. 
Happy Shopping x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part One: Updated Inside my Make-up Bag

I did an 'Inside my make-up bag' post a while ago and since them it's changed quite a bit so I thought I'd do another one - an updated one. So enjoy. 

My Make-up bag 
Poundland, £1
This is my essentials make-up bag. It's from Poundland and was, yes, a pound. I didn't really want to spend loads on one so this was an absolute bargain and it seems to doing the job. So perfect! 
Blusher and Powder
Blusher: The Body Shop, Baked-to-Last Coral, £12. Powder: Boots, Collection 
Then I have my Body Shop blusher in coral and Collection Pressed Powder (from Boots). Both essentials. If you follow my blog, you know I have a thing for The Body Shop so naturally I'd say you can't go wrong with this blusher. It's just a light pink touch of colour for your cheeks. Apparently, they don't have the Collection Powder on the Boots website. So I can't find that for you but it might be worth going into the shop to check if they have it there. 

The Body Shop, Lightening Touch, £14. Debenhams, Benefit, Boiing, £17.50
Again, Body Shop and Benefit concealers. You can never have too many because you never know what you're skin is going to be like. Surprisingly, I think I prefer the Boi-ing one, it just gives a thicker coverage which is what I need from a concealer. It is more expensive though. But they're both great. I think I'm starting to prefer cream concealers to liquid ones. But they both do the job, it just depends on your skin. As my under eyes darker I like a thicker coverage. 

Boots, Natural Collection, £1.99
I found the Natural Collection concealer at the bottom of my bag. I think it was the first one I ever bought but I love Natural Collection for that. It's great as a starter make-up kit. I have some of the lip glosses and lipsticks and they're great. I might start using Natural Collection again actually. 

The Body Shop, £12
Surprise, surprise... Body Shop foundation. I love their BB cream. It gives just right amount of coverage and you don't need to cake your face in it. It's not as thick as normal foundation but still does the job. It comes out white but changes to the pigmentation of your skin. Clever I know. 
If you haven't tried BB creams before, they apply just like foundation but one thing I have found is that they do take a little longer to 'dry' and might feel sticky. (I do have oily skin though.) But once you've powdered it's fine. I'd recommend getting a tester first though as they have 4 or 5 different shades. 
And I love the smell of it, like pollen and flowers. That might not be important but you 
Boots, Seventeen, Make Your Mark, £3.99
My current pen eyeliner is the Seventeen Make Your Mark. It's great, easy to use and lasts. I'm not a fan of liquid liner as I find it hard to control. But this is just a pen you glide over your eyelid. You can make the liner as thin or thick as you want, it's so easy. 

This eyeliners great and I'd recommend buying it. But after using the Soap n Glory one, I don't think I'll get used to any others. It was exactly the same as this I just found that one easier to use and prefer that. Not sure why. It was just the price that put me off it. :( 

OK, so I actually wrote the whole of this post out and decided it was too long. So I've split it into two parts and will post the second one in a few days. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the little peep into my updated make-up bag. Let me know what's in yours. 

Til next time Happy Shopping x 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

10 Beauty Questions About Me

21) Where do you buy your make up from?
Mainly stores like Boots and Superdrug. If I'm looking for bigger brands then I'll go to John Lewis or Debenhams. 

22) Favourite toner?
I've just started to use the Nivea 2-in-1 cleanser and toner. It's great because it's not too harsh on the skin and it's both in one. So you save money as well. 

23) Favourite eye shadow palette and brush?
Without a doubt the Sleek Storm palette. It's great for basic, starter shades that you can use for all styles and it's an affordable price. It's just a good palette, all the Sleek palettes are. Fave brush - any of the Eco Tools. They're great, soft and they even tell you on the brush what to us it for. 

24) Which do you prefer: cream, matte, powder, sheer or shimmer eye shadows?
I don't have a massive eye shadow preference but I'm not a massive fan of cream. I just find it easier to apply other types and with cream you can sometimes apply too much and go OTT. But everyone has a different preference. 

25) Favourite eyeliner?
Again, I don't really have a favourite eye liner. I'm currently using this Maybelline pencil eyeliner that I've had for a while. For liquid liner, I use the ... I did use the Soap and Glory which I loved but found it was a little too expensive so decided to change. But again it's just about preference and which works for you. 

26) Do you wear make up everyday?
When I'm out and about yes. When I'm just at home, not really. I think it's become worse since I've started University. I wasn't a massive makeup wearer before but am now. Ooops. I've said it before but delay wearing makeup as much as you can. If you don't need it, don't wear it 

27) Favourite powder?
Again, I don't really have a fave. But I'm using the Collection one at the moment which seems to be doing the job, so I'm not complaining. 

28) Favourite makeup remover?
I prefer to use makeup wipes rather than the liquid. I use the Simple ones at the moment which feel great on the skin. Sometimes wipes can be rough but these are working fine for me. 

29) Do you wear liquid liner (if so which one)? 
I use the pen liner if that counts as liquid liner? I just find the penliners easier to use. I'm currently using the Seventeen penliner. It's so easy to use but after using the Soap and Glory one, I think I still prefer that. So I might end up going back to that. 

30) Picture of yourself with and without makeup.
Without Make-up
With Make-up
The with make-up isn't a close up but it's what I look like with a full face of make-up. 

So there you go. I hope that's given you a little insight into my beauty habits, likes and dislikes. Why don't you give it a go and link me some down below. 

Happy Shopping x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Beauty Review: Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops

With all the weddings and events I have going on this year, I knew doing nails would be an important part of that. So I kept meaning to by the instant dry spray. 

Finally, after putting it off for months, I finally bought some. But instead of my spray I found some Instant Dry Drops. So I thought I'd so a quick review for you and let you know if they actually work. 

I bought the Bourjois Instant Dry ones but you can get other ones out there. They're just as easy to use as the spray.

Paint your nails like normal. 

And simply pipette a little drop over each nail. It's like an oily liquid so if it gets on your skin it'll feel oily. It won't harm your skin though so don't worry. Leave your nails for about 10 secs and they'll be dry. 

They make doing nail varnish so much quicker and they're great if you're on the go. 
From: Amazon  Price: £5.99
I'd recommend buying this if you're impatient like me or have loads of events and have a long to-do list. 

These definitely get a big thumbs up from me and are worth buying. Let me know if you've tried any other sprays or drops and what you think. 
Til next time Happy Shopping x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wishlist: Dresses

I've read quite a few 'Wishlist' posts so I thought I'd give one a go. It's quite ironic because being a student I can't actually afford that much at the moment. So here's my dresses wishlist. 

Lindsey Floral Skater Dress
I love Boohoo. And browsing through it I came it across this dress. It's a simple Skater dress but I love the cut out triangle front and flower print. 

It's a cute summer dress. On the website it shows you can wear it backwards (with the triangle at the back or front). But having it at the front gives a different look. 

It's a simple, day look but could be accessorized and turned into a night outfit as well. 

Price: £20

Kylie Off The Shoulder Netted Prom Dress
A more dressy/going out dress. It's classed as a prom dress but you could get away with it at most evening events. 

Again, I love the simplicity of this dress. It's perfect to dress up with jewellery or keep it simple with some heels and a bag. 

The V neckline and off the shoulder straps give the dress a pretty look. Available in 2 colours; nude and black. So you can pick the one you prefer but there's only size 10 left of the black. So hurry if you want it. 

Price: £30

AX Paris

Daisy Print Tube Maxi Dress
I've got into maxi dresses quite a bit over the past few weeks. 

I love this one. It's again really simple but I like the print. Different instead of having a plain maxi. With flower prints being so big it's right on trend as well. 

Another prefect summer's day outfit. 

AX Paris also have other plain maxi's on sale if that's more your thing. 

Price: £22


Grecian Pleated Belted Maxi Dress
Topshop is a shop I rarely can afford. But I came across this evening maxi dress and instantly wanted it. Not too sure where I'd wear it at the moment but it looks simple and pretty. 

I love the colour; a goldy peachy/pink. Another great one to dress up or down. 

I've never really worm wrap over front dresses but this one just appealed me. The price is the off putting bit but if you've got an evening reception to go to, it's a perfect dress for that.

Price: £49

River Island
Red Floral Print Swing Dress
I've always wanted to try a swing or shift dress but just thought they'd never suit me. If I was going to buy one I'd be something like this. I'm not a fan of the common, Aztec print ones. 

But I love the bright, bold colours and print of this one. And the fact that it's a bit wavy at the bottom instead of just being straight. 

There are other prints and designs available if this is not the one for you. But I love this. I think it's best kept simple with some heels, a bag and statement earrings. But you can always try different things.

Price: £35

I've kept this wishlist quite small. (I didn't want to bore you) but there's my dress wishlist. All different dresses for different occasions. Doing this post has made me want them even more. I'll be good though and not buy them. 

What would you put in your dress wishlist. Or have you already made one? Leave me your links and comments :)
Happy Shopping x

Copyright - All images credited to appropriate retail websites. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's In My Bag?

A blog post I've seen many Youtubers do but as a video. So I thought I'd do a picture version and give you a little peep inside my bag. 

Of the many bags I have, I'm using this one at the moment. I bought it a while ago so it's not available anymore. It was quite pricey but I love how big it is and it goes with everything. 
Accessorize. £32.  

My Purse. A fairly new purchase as my other one had fallen to pieces. I'm still getting used to it as it's quite stiff but I love the colour (a greeny/blue) - something different. The open/close clasp for change makes it look quite cute.
Primark. Not sure of the actual price but somewhere around £9. 

Umbrella. You never know when it'll rain so I always keep an umbrella on me. After having been through SO many different ones, I'm hoping this one will last me a little longer. Again on the pricey side but like I said I hope this will last. If you know me, you know the butterflies are so me. 
Accessorize. £12. 

Lipsticks. I never leave the house without a lipstick or gloss in my bag. And these are the two in my bag at the moment. Both Body Shop of course. 

I've written blog posts on both of these and they've become an everyday lipstick for me. I keep a lighter and darker/brighter shade cus you never know what mood you're in. Again, I bought this on sale so they don't do this anymore. But they have some great, similar ones so go check them out. 
The Body Shop. 

This has definitely become one of my favourite lipsticks! I just love it and you definitely need to try it. I've again done a whole post dedicated to just this lipstick (so you can see how much I love it). It's a great variation on a bright red and suitable for all occasions. 
The Body Shop. £10. 

So I thought I'd combine the rest of the bits and bobs. So here's what else is my bag. 

My Ipod - you always need music on the go. My USB - in case I need it for work. My Gloves - you can never trust the British weather. These were bought from Accessorize, a while ago, so I don't think they still make them. But they do some really nice gloves in there anyway so check them out

My ticket holder - Bought for me as a present. What a genius idea. Cath Kidston. £6. My glasses case - I can't see long distance without my glasses. 

My Ipod charger - not sure why that's in there. Chewing gum - you never know when you might need them. Word of advice, give them out wisely otherwise they'll be gone before you've bought another packet ehe. Body Spray - you don't want to meet someone and smell. Hand gel - life saving in certain situation (well not really life saving but you know). A pen - you don't know when you'll need to write something down. Seems weird without a notebook though. Hmm. My house keys - essential. The key rings on them have been given to me as presents so not too sure where to get them from. But you can get key rings from everywhere. 

And finally. A lanyard - which did have the keys to my Uni flat on but I think I've shoved the keys somewhere in my bag.  I got this from Freebee fair at uni I think. So they are worth going to. 

So these are the main bits which I keep in my bag. There's other stuff like random pieces of paper, train tickets, receipts etc that just float inside my bag. I should probably sort that stuff out. Ooops. But you don't need to see them. 

Let me know what you're keeping in your bag. And til next time happy shopping x 
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