Thursday, 17 April 2014

10 Beauty Questions About Me

Recently I've been looking at '30 day blog challenges' in an effort to blog more. I've realised how much I love blogging and that I need to do it more often. So I came across this 30 day make-up blog challenge. When I looked at it though, I realised I could just turn it into a 30 questions type thing. 

So I'm going to split it into 3 posts; 10 questions. Here goes...

1) When did you start putting make-up on?
I can't actually remember but I think it must have been just as started my GCSEs. So about 6 years ago. I didn't start out with a lot, just mascara and eye-liner which was good. Tip: Put off wearing make-up for as long as you can! 

2) How did you learn to put make-up on?
I think it came from watching my cousins, as I don't have any sisters, as well watching Youtube tutorials. I think every girl has some make-up skills. 

3) Favourite brand?
Easy. The Body Shop. Does that count? If you've been reading my blog, you'll know how much I rave about The Body Shop. Their products are amazing. Just go and try one item and tell me if I'm wrong. 

4) Foundation: Yes or No? Favourite brand? 
I've become so bad with foundation recently. I never used to wear it but since I've started University, my face feels slightly bare if I don't have foundation or concealer on it. Again, avoid it for as long as possible! 
Brand wise, you know what I'm going to say - The Body Shop. Only recently got into the BB cream from there but I love it. If you're looking for a more high street one, I've heard Rimmel do some good ones. 

5) Favourite lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner?
Lipstick - (Sorry if you get bored of it) The Body Shop - Colour Crush Collection - Crazy Sexy Crimson. I've done a whole blog post on this colour. It's a darker red, great when you don't want bright red lips but still want to stand out. 
Lipgloss - I'm not much a lipgloss user but one that I'll always love is my Estee Lauder one. And no I didn't buy it, I got as a gift. I'm not even sure if they still make it, it's a good few years old but still as good as new. It's from the Crystal Gloss, Dragonfruit colour. It just gives a sheen but smells like watermelon - Amazing. 
Lipliner - Truthfully, I don't use it. 

6) Do you like/wear false eyelashes?
I don't because I can never get them on. But with all the family weddings coming up I might try them. Any good brands? 

7) Favourite eye shadow colour?
I don't have a favourite colour although I have been loving the Sleek eye shadow palettes - great, basic, every colour type palettes. I also did a post on this. 

8) Favourite daytime look?
Ok, I'm assuming this means make-up wise. To be honest, I don't use eye shadow everyday. So it would have to be the standard concealer, foundation, powder, blusher (sometimes), topliner, mascara and lipstick. Simple and common but I like it. 

9) Picture of your make-up collection.
So this is my everyday make-up collection. If I took a picture of it all, I'd be here for hours explaining what everything is. 

10) Favourite make-up brush?
Brand wise it would have to be Eco Tools; they're so soft and reasonably priced. They even come in mini size.

There you go guys. They are the first 10 questions answered. I hope this wasn't a waste of time and let me know if you want me to answer the other questions. I think I just wanted to blog about something and this was it. 

Anyway, why don't you have a go and answer these too. Post me the link, I'd love to see what you guys are using. 

Til next time, happy shopping. x

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