Thursday, 17 April 2014

10 Beauty Questions About Me

Recently I've been looking at '30 day blog challenges' in an effort to blog more. I've realised how much I love blogging and that I need to do it more often. So I came across this 30 day make-up blog challenge. When I looked at it though, I realised I could just turn it into a 30 questions type thing. 

So I'm going to split it into 3 posts; 10 questions. Here goes...

1) When did you start putting make-up on?
I can't actually remember but I think it must have been just as started my GCSEs. So about 6 years ago. I didn't start out with a lot, just mascara and eye-liner which was good. Tip: Put off wearing make-up for as long as you can! 

2) How did you learn to put make-up on?
I think it came from watching my cousins, as I don't have any sisters, as well watching Youtube tutorials. I think every girl has some make-up skills. 

3) Favourite brand?
Easy. The Body Shop. Does that count? If you've been reading my blog, you'll know how much I rave about The Body Shop. Their products are amazing. Just go and try one item and tell me if I'm wrong. 

4) Foundation: Yes or No? Favourite brand? 
I've become so bad with foundation recently. I never used to wear it but since I've started University, my face feels slightly bare if I don't have foundation or concealer on it. Again, avoid it for as long as possible! 
Brand wise, you know what I'm going to say - The Body Shop. Only recently got into the BB cream from there but I love it. If you're looking for a more high street one, I've heard Rimmel do some good ones. 

5) Favourite lipstick, lipgloss and lipliner?
Lipstick - (Sorry if you get bored of it) The Body Shop - Colour Crush Collection - Crazy Sexy Crimson. I've done a whole blog post on this colour. It's a darker red, great when you don't want bright red lips but still want to stand out. 
Lipgloss - I'm not much a lipgloss user but one that I'll always love is my Estee Lauder one. And no I didn't buy it, I got as a gift. I'm not even sure if they still make it, it's a good few years old but still as good as new. It's from the Crystal Gloss, Dragonfruit colour. It just gives a sheen but smells like watermelon - Amazing. 
Lipliner - Truthfully, I don't use it. 

6) Do you like/wear false eyelashes?
I don't because I can never get them on. But with all the family weddings coming up I might try them. Any good brands? 

7) Favourite eye shadow colour?
I don't have a favourite colour although I have been loving the Sleek eye shadow palettes - great, basic, every colour type palettes. I also did a post on this. 

8) Favourite daytime look?
Ok, I'm assuming this means make-up wise. To be honest, I don't use eye shadow everyday. So it would have to be the standard concealer, foundation, powder, blusher (sometimes), topliner, mascara and lipstick. Simple and common but I like it. 

9) Picture of your make-up collection.
So this is my everyday make-up collection. If I took a picture of it all, I'd be here for hours explaining what everything is. 

10) Favourite make-up brush?
Brand wise it would have to be Eco Tools; they're so soft and reasonably priced. They even come in mini size.

There you go guys. They are the first 10 questions answered. I hope this wasn't a waste of time and let me know if you want me to answer the other questions. I think I just wanted to blog about something and this was it. 

Anyway, why don't you have a go and answer these too. Post me the link, I'd love to see what you guys are using. 

Til next time, happy shopping. x

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Handmade Jewelry

With all the family weddings coming up I've been looking for some jewelry to go with my outfits. I don't want something 'typically Asian' but something different that I can wear with all outfits. 

I looked everywhere; high street shops, online, markets...

Finally, I found this really cute stall in Sheffield Market. I instantly fell in love and knew I had to buy a few bits from there. 

I got these earrings specially made as she makes all the jewelry herself. The stall is called Handmade by EVW design and the person in charge is called Enid. I love these because they're just different yet elegant. 

I then saw these and I'd been looking for red earring for ages! Again, they're quite dainty but just what I need as I'm wearing quite a chunky necklace. 

This cute green necklace was next. I love the way it drapes and dangles down. Again simple but elegant. 

Finally I saw these really cute clips that I had to have. I love peacock things at the moment and the clip just looked elegant and cute. The blue bow? I just had to have it. As soon as I saw it it caught my eye. Bows can look a little minnie mouse-esque but this looks elegant and sparkly. Great for all the wedding parties!

Considering I've been to Sheffield markets before I'm surprised I've never seen this stall! I love it. It's so cute and unique because she hand makes things. It's so well made and she'll even tailor things to your taste. It's great. Definitely going back there!

If you've ever found any great buys, let me know. Happy Shopping x

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