Friday, 14 March 2014

More Barry M - Aquatic Collection

After being disappointed with the Barry M Silk Collection, I was hoping the Aquatic one wouldn't be the same. Fortunately I haven't been let down yet. Yay. 

I know you can buy two 'sets'; a pinky one and a bluey/green one. When I went into Boots I couldn't find the collection at all which was funny. So Superdrug was the place. Unfortunately I only found two of 'blue' collection. 

The 2 I bought were the Mermaid (glitter one) and Arabian (two tone one). I've put them on and they look great! I love the two tone effect of Arabian and these colours definitely remind me of the sea and a mermaid. They stay on your nails as well. I've had these on for 2/3 days and they haven't chipped yet which is a must-have in a nail varnish. Don't you hate it when you put on nail varnish and it chips within a day? Or you get a dent in it. Well so far these haven't done that. 

I decided to layer them on top of each other. But because the Arabian one is quite thick, you could use a clear base coat and put it straight on top of that. I love how it shines in the light and even during the day it looks like a pretty two tone shade. These aren't a pale shade that no one will see, you definitely can see them even during the day. 

I've put the Mermaid glitter shade on every other finger because I wanted to create more of an everyday nail. If you're going to party or something you could put it on every nail but I didn't want my nails to sparkle too much. So putting it on every other nail is perfect solution.

Like I said I am missing one from this collection - Pacific - and I can't wait til it comes back into stock in shops. But I'm definitely loving these. They look great, you can make them into either an everyday nail colour or a party one and they without a doubt remind me of aquatics and seas. 

If you do want to buy them either pop into a Superdrug store or online
Let me know what you think, if you've tried them. :) 
Til next time Happy Shopping x

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