Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Forever expanding collection: Sleek and MUA

Yet again, about a week ago, I decided to expand my make-up collection. *Hears the overdraft getting ever closer* Having heard so much about Sleek and Makeup Academy (MUA) they were my next buys. 

Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette
I've never been much of an eye shadow person except for on special occasions. As hard as this may be to hear for some people, I've never really owned a proper, name branded eye shadow palette. So finally, I decided to purchase my own

I wanted quite a neutral, starter palette and having heard quite a bit about the Sleek blushers, I thought the palettes must be good too. The Storm one looked perfect. With a mix of neutrals, lights, darks and blues I hope this does me well. 

It only cost me £7.99 which is so affordable and why I think I'm going to start loving Sleek. I haven't actually used the palette yet but once do I'll be posting a review post so look out for that. 

Makeup Academy Matte Palette
As one just wasn't enough I had to buy a second palette. This time it was a Makeup Academy one, I've heard a bit about this company but not a lot about their palettes. So I decided to try one. 

Again, it looks like a great starter palette and although both look quite similar, this one has more neutrals and as the name suggests they're all Matte. So great for day wear. I don't think you can tell the exact colours from these pictures. But the first four colours are different variations of a nude/cream; great to start with. At only £4 I hope the price doesn't reflect the quality. Fingers crossed. 

Makeup Academy Velvet Lip Lacquer
If you follow my blog, you'll know how much I love lipstick. Well I've heard so much about lip lacquers and lip pens, I decided to start out with a cheaper brand one. 

I bought the pink colour; Funk and honestly I've never read any reviews on this either so I'm going in the deep end and trying without advice. Again, I hope this isn't a bad choice and at £3 it doesn't disappoint. It says on the back it leaves 'a gorgeous matte finish, that is smudge-proof and long-lasting.' I hope so. Only time will tell I suppose. 

I'm very much looking forward to trying out my new purchases (as you can probably tell from the pretty deco I created for these pictures). I will of course let you guys know how I get on. 

But let me know if you've tried any of these and if I've made a good choice. And if there are any other palettes you'd recommend. 
Happy Shopping x 


  1. I wish we had MUA and SLEEK in the USA, but i know you can't get some of the products I can #beautyproblems #iwanteverything

    1. I've only started getting into Sleek. But I've heard so much about it, especially the blushers!


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