Saturday, 1 February 2014

Start as you mean to go on

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while but I've been a bit busy since I started Uni again. But I'm back and I've been a little naughty..Oops! 

I went to buy some birthday presents the other day and ended up buying a few bits for myself. Here's what I bought...

A few months ago I saw this pinafore in USC but didn't buy it. When I saw that there was a massive sale in there, this time, I just had to go in. I saw this and had to buy it! It was reduced from like £25 to £12! What a bargain. It's so cute for a casual look or a more dressy look. I used to love these when I was younger and had to wear one to school. They were a massive trend last year and I might be a bit 'behind the times' but I still love this. 

I'd also had my eye on this crop top for a while and again when I saw it on sale...It was a must have. For a fiver I couldn't go wrong. I'm not a massive fan of crop tops as I hate my stomach but I could always team it up with high wasted jeans/trousers or a skirt. So I bought it. 

I then went into Topshop. I'm not a massive Topshop person but decided to have a look in there for a top I'd seen in a Youtube Vlog. Tanya Burr filmed an ootd in one of her vlogs and she had a similar top on to this one. As soon as I saw it I wanted it. I couldn't find the exact one but this is quite similar. I'm not to sure when I'll wear this but I love the sparkles. For £10 it's a bargain especially for Topshop. (It was in the sale though so that's why)

Primark was my next stop. Good old Primarni (as I call it). I went int there to pick up a few basics - Plain black and white t-shirts, a heart patterned t-shirt (I have a thing for hearts lately) and this really cool Coca Cola t-shirt (supposed to be a pj top but can be used as an everyday one). Ever since seeing the Coca Cola truck I seem to be a little obsessed with that too! 

I saw this pleather skirt with flowers cut out. Pleather is something that should be warn with care, I hate to say it but you don't want to look to tacky. So I only own 2 items of it but I liked this skirt - it's simple, cute and can be worn with so many different things. To be honest, I didn't really find much in Primark that be made go wow so I just stuck to these few items. 

Finally, the worst thing happened to me this week! My trusty brown boots from New Look broke. I couldn't believe it, I loved them so much and was devastated. Although I had worn them to good use. I went into New Look thinking I'd buy the same pair as I'd seen them a few weeks ago but how wrong was I! They were all sold out because of the sale. I bought these ankle boots instead but I'm not quite sure how I feel about them. So I may keep on the hunt for some other ones similar to my old ones. 

So there you go. That was my little shopping trip, I'm now going to cry at the fact I have no money left. But I hope you enjoyed it and happy shopping! 


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