Sunday, 23 February 2014

Make-up and Brushes Haul

For a while now I've been looking for a good make-up brush set. Loads of people have suggested the Real Techniques brushes but price has been the issue. I don't mind spending money on something that will last me but I've decided I need to be more money savvy from now on and I can't afford to spend that much on brushes.

I say that but wait til you see how much I spent in this haul...oops. 

Ecotools Six Piece Starter Set

I decided to go right back to basics and bought the Ecotools Starter Set. It's perfect because it's exactly that - a basic starter set. With a blusher, concealer, eye shadow, angled eyeliner and lash/brow groomer. They're so soft on the skin and great to use. The best thing is it comes in a cute cosmetic bag/pouch. 
From: TK Maxx
Price: £9.99

Ecotools Six Piece Essential Eye Set 

I then bought the Ecotools Eye Set as I wanted a good set of eye shadow brushes. Even though I don't use eye shadow that often I still like to have a good set of brushes. These again are so soft which is perfect for the eyes. You get five, all of which are used for different things. The cute bag is back and I love the fact that on each brush it tells you what to use it for. Like I said I'm not a massive eye person and it's great to have that done for me. 
From: TK Maxx
Price: £7.99

The Body Shop Lip/Concealer Brush

I've recently started shopping in Body Shop a lot more which is great for my skin, bad for my bank balance. When I bought the Crazy Sexy Crimson, the shop assistant tried it on me and she used a brush. Ever since then I can't put lipstick on without a brush but even when I do put it on with my brush it's never the same as then. So I've wanted to buy that brush and finally thought I'd treat myself. Definitely going to enjoy using that. 
From: The Body Shop

The Body Shop Blusher

I then went a little naughty and bought this cheeky blusher in the coral shade. It's not too pink and great for everyday use. 
Price: £12

The Body Shop Lipstick

You'd think that would have been enough but I couldn't resist buying another lipstick. When you see this colour it looks quite dark and like the Crazy Sexy Crinson I bought but it's lighter and has more sparkle in it. You could wear it during the day to glam up a plain outfit or at night. I've become a bit of a Body Shop addict and love the stuff in there - it's natural and it lasts! Perfection!
Shade colour: The Right Mauves
Shade No: 235
Price: £10

That's my little but expensive haul of things that I recently bought. Go check out the products because none of them will disappoint.

Happy Shopping x

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