Saturday, 8 February 2014

Another lipstick for the collection - The Body Shop; Crazy Sexy Crimson

I've been trying to stop shopping but it's not really working..oops. So I went into The Body Shop last week for a browse and ended up buying another lipstick. 

I picked out this colour as soon as I started looking. Even though it's red, it's a browny red which is what I liked. I've got so many bright reds and pinks, I wanted something different. 

It's becoming a bit of an everyday colour because it's not as bright as a primary red. The one thing I love and have learnt about Body Shop lipstick is that it stays on! I went into the shop at 11ish in the morning, the sales assistant tried it on me and it lasted me till I took off my makeup at about 5/6 oclock! I'm being honest, try it. I've always found it hard to pick one that stays. My lips have this weird thing that as soon they hit the outdoors my lipstick disappear! Silly right? I think I've found one this time though. 

I love this lipstick because it's a very autumnal/winter colour and lets face it it feels like we're still in that season! So it's perfect. These pictures definitely don't it justice. 

I'm fast becoming a Body Shop lover and even though it's not the cheapest of brands, the quality of their products is brilliant! I've said it before about other brands and this time I 100%, without a doubt would recommend buying Body Shop makeup. I have a feeling my student loan is going to spent on that now. Oh dear, sorry bank balance. (I'll try to stop I promise)

Here are few details if you are interested in this lipstick...
Shade Name: Crazy Sexy Crimson 
Shade No: 125 
Price: £10

Pop into The Body Shop and have a look. Til next time happy shopping. 

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