Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Saying Goodbye to 2014. And saying Hello 2015.

Surprisingly perhaps, I wasn't planning on doing a 'Goodbye Hello' post but after reading a couple it got me thinking and wanting to write one of my own. So this is pretty spontaneous and last minute. 
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Bye 2014
Two thousand and fourteen has been a pretty crazy year to be honest. I won't bore you too much but 3 family weddings, seeing Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, finishing second year and starting my final year of university. 

It's fair to say it's been a busy year. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready to let it completely go. I'll have to though won't I? At the end of 2013 I was so excited to leave that year behind me because I knew how much was going on this year and how much I had to look forward to. It honestly feels like it's all flown by in the blink of an eye. I still remember New Years 2013 like it was yesterday. 

2014 has definitely been one insane year with so many memories I'll never forget and part of me is sad that it's over so quickly. But I'm also excited to see what 2015 brings...

Hi 2015
I'm not one to set New Years Resolutions but there are a few things I want to accomplish this year. 

Finish university
Probably the main thing on my head right now - passing university. Never in a million years did I imagine 3 years would go this quick. *Advice to any uni students: MAKE THE MOST OF IT.* To think I started uni in 2012 and will be finishing in a matter of months is something I'll never get my head around til it happens. Everyone has been telling me to stop thinking that far ahead but it's inevitable, it's going to happen so I might as well start preparing now. It's been an insane 3 years and looking for jobs and all of that scares me but at the same time I'm ready. I'm ready to put my foot into the working world and see what it brings. 

Blog more
I've definitely let my blogging slide since starting final year. I was really into it over summer because I had the time to blog. But since starting university I've just kept putting off. Something which I definitely need to change. I love blogging and reading others just makes me want to do it even more. So in 2015 I will definitely post more. Hold me to that. I'm rubbish at making time for everything but blogging is something I want to make more time for next year. 

Stress less and enjoy it
I'm probably the most easily stressed out person you'll ever meet, the littlest things will stress me but unless you know me really well, I hide it pretty well apparently. I guess I want to stress out less in 2015. I know that might be easier said than done especially with my dissertation/applied project due in and all the other joys of final year but I'll try. I want to enjoy and make the most of my last few months at uni. 

So that's it. In a matter of hours, two thousand and fourteen will be over. For some it's already happened. Like so many quotes I've seen this year and one I even uploaded to my Instagram - 2014 was one chapter, one book in your life. Are you ready to write the next? I hope you had an amazing 2014 and have an even more amazing 2015. Bring on two thousand and fifteen is all I can say. I'll see you there. 

Happy New Year x

Sunday, 28 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

So I thought I'd update you guys as I haven't blogged in a while. Again, I'm very sorry for this. Third year seems to be busier than I expected. :( 

But seeing as Christmas has just gone a popular post seems to be sharing what you got so here's mine. Enjoy. 
This was a bit of a late present. My sister-in-laws brother got married in Africa a few months ago and she bought these back for me but kept forgetting to give them to me. So I got them for christmas. I love them, they're so light and will be perfect for lounging about in. 
I knew I was getting these from my parents. Yes I asked for socks. My feet seem to be cold quite a lot and you can never have too many fluffy socks. As for Girl Online, everyone seems to have an opinion on it so I thought I'd ask for it and give it a read. I'll let you know what I think of it. They also bought me some Pjs but I couldn't wait and am already wearing them. From Primarni, of course, they're orange and blue with a stag/reindeer (I'm not too sure which one) on. I've always been a fluffy, comfy pjs kinda person and with the cold weather I couldn't wait to put them on. 
This is definitely something I've wanted for a while. A proper cupcake decorating kit. I used to love baking cupcakes but just haven't been into it lately. I'm sure with this though I'll have to make some to give the set a try. 
My family definitely know me - anything from Body Shop will make me happy - well done to my uncle and aunt. I can't wait to try these out, they smell so nice, especially the grapefruit. I've only ever tried the strawberry one. These will last me a while. 
This was a present from my parents I didn't expect. A 'Hangover Hoodie' I guess I'll have to use it for just that. Bring on the next hangover aha. 
Of all my presents, (sorry to say this), these were the ones I laughed about the most and probably my faves (yes I said it). A present from my cousin brother as part of our Secret Santa. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the population now owns a selfie stick. It's just so funny, even now I laugh when I think about it. The other half - wireless speakers - amazing too! Definitely thought out, useful presents. Can't wait to use them both! Especially the selfie stick, watch out world. 

There you are, a quick look at my presents for this year. I love them all and can't wait to use/try/wear them. It was nice to have a chilled out, family Christmas. Just playing games, eating, laughing, drinking. I can't believe it's come and gone so quick. 

I hope you had a great Christmas too. Let me know what you got. Will you be taking lots of selfies too? 

Til next time Happy Shopping x 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Winter Essentials Tag

What better way to get back into blogging than doing a little Tag. Laura Emily recently tagged me in a Winter Essentials tag. So I thought I'd take the challenge and let you all in on
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a few of my essentials. 

What's your ultimate party season lip product?
Without a doubt Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in shade 1. The ultimate perfect red for any party. Red probably isn't a colour for everyone but if it is, then you can't go wrong with Kate Moss.

What's your essential makeup product?
Hmm, I don't think my essential makeup product changes from season to season. If I can't get to the foundation I'll just never leave the house without some kind of concealer. It's not really a winter things but more a general thing. I hope that's not a cop out.

What are you most hoping to see under your tree on Christmas morning?
Brace yourself.. Anything One Direction. If you don't know I'm a bit of a Directioner (hides behind hands). More beauty related I'm not too sure what I want. I haven't really seen any beauty items that have massively caught my eye. 

Name one beauty essential that's never missing from your bag during the colder months?
The Body Shop Lip Balm. Especially this year. I've found my lips have been drying out a lot this year so it's always with me. 

What are your winter weather skin saviours?
I don't really have a massive skin routine, shockingly. But I'd definitely say a good moisturiser is key. I've been between Dove, when I'm home, and Cocoa Palmers Body Butter, when I'm at uni. Both seem to be great at keeping my skin soft. 

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What's winter going to smell like this year?
Sweet. I've always been into sweet scents but seem to love them this year. Even my body sprays seem to be sweet smells. 

Is the berry eye the new berry lip?
Sorry but no. Berry lips will always be a autumn/winter trend. Berry eye's have to be done cautiously I think I'll always be a berry lip person. 

What are your greatest winter indulgences?
It's more of a Christmas indulgence but Mince Pies and cream. Can not get enough of it this year! More generally, chocolates. We always get choco boxes for Christmas and find they're empty within a week. Oops

Lush Christmas: your top pick?
Melting Snowman. It's more for the appearance. He's just so cute and I love that you break and use as much as you want.

Name one (or more) random winter essentials?
A cosy blanket. Something else I've fallen in love with this year. I bought a really fluffy, soft one for uni this year and love snuggling with it when I'm watching tv. Genuinely one of the best buys ever, ask anyone whose used it. 

There you go a quick look at my winter essentials. 
I tag Frankie from CrazyBlondeGal and Tasnim from Wish Upon a Smile

Happy Shopping x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Zoella and The Independent

Hello Welcome back. 
Ok so I wasn't really planning on blogging about this. I know so many people have already written posts on it. But I had this discussion with a friend and it just got me thinking. 

I re-read the 'Of course, teenage girls need role models - but not like beauty vlogger Zoella' article by Chloe Hamilton and other blog posts on the topic and looked at it in a different way. 
 I understand the point Chloe is trying to make but she didn't need to be rude about the way she came across. Some of the things she said were a bit out of order and surely she's an intelligent enough woman to realise she probably shouldn't have posted that article. 

'...a name so irritatingly Disney-fied it makes my stomach churn: Zoella.' 

Did she really need to say that? 

Like I said I understand where she's coming from but I'm not surprised the article got this many responses. Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has a massive following who look up to her and would of course instantly defend her. 

Me, myself, I definitely admire her work. A girl from small town in Bath, starting a You Tube channel and a few years later having her own book out, her own beauty range, is of course something a lot of bloggers dream about. But the point that she's been called a 'bad' role model is uncalled for. 

The videos she makes are those suggested by her viewers therefore it's content they want to watch. Furthermore, when she does tutorials she more than likely will say 'feel free to use less makeup' or 'change the way I'm doing this'. Therefore to say she has contradicted herself by saying "When you're younger you worry about so many things you don't need to worry about like image, appearance", I don't think is entirely true. 

She always says this is the way she does it and that her audience can change and adapt things to fit their routine or products. Her followers want to see her Morning Routine for example but that doesn't mean they have to copy it exactly. I'm sure the majority, if not all, of them understand this. 
I admire the way Chloe compliments Zoe's work with Mind - albeit in a small way. Her anxiety is something she finds hard and the fact she's helping others out is great. 

However I still don't agree with the rest of the piece. Zoe creates content that her viewers want and constantly specifies that is her way of doing something. I don't like the way she's picked at one vlogger/blogger and then that the piece got published. 

You have to remember she's human like the rest of us, he just happens to have a different career. Whether you're a Zoella fan or not, the amount she's achieved is definitely something her followers look up to. 

Disclaimer: I know this not the kind of thing I usually post but it caught my eye. The opinions in this are my own. 
Til next time Happy Shopping x

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm back!

Hello. I know it's been a while and I feel bad for neglecting my blog for the past few weeks months. 

But I am back. 

So let me fill you in.
Well it feels like a lot has happened since we last spoke but it's probably not that much. The main thing being I moved back to University to start final year. 

I know it's not an excuse but I've wanted to focus on uni work for the past month or so and get that on track. The number of times I've thought about blogging and never got round to it makes me feel shameful. But I promise I am back. I'm ready to juggle the balance of uni work and blogging. 

I've already got some ideas for posts - flat tours, halloween posts, christmas posts etc - so keep your eyes peeled. And I hope I haven't lost too many of you in my absence. But sometimes a little time away is needed. 

So welcome back or hello to a Little Peep Into My Life. I hope you've been ok and let me know what you've been up to the past few weeks. 

Til next time Happy Shopping x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tips for Freshers/Introduction Week

A few weeks ago, I started a little series of 'University tips' posts with the first one about Preparation. So I'm back with the second and a few tips on how to approach freshers/intro week. 

1) Go to your lectures
Intro and welcome lectures may seem pointless but they can also give you important information. For example, exam dates, assignment deadlines, course structures and you might get to meet a few lecturers. So don't think I can get all that information from someone else, go to it yourself. It'll also be the first time you meet the rest of your course which is important. 
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2) Talk to others on your course
Of course doing this requires you to follow tip 1. I know it can be daunting walking into a room of strangers, all by yourself on your first day of uni, but you have to remember everyone is that boat. No one knows each other yet so even if it's just a 'Hello' try to say it to someone. I mean you're going to be studying together for the next few years you're going to need to talk to each other someday. 
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3) Have a little cry/down moment
Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone will miss home at some point in the first few weeks of uni. Even if it's just the little things like clean clothes, cooking, your own bed etc. So don't feel embarrassed if you need a few minutes to yourself. I bawled my eyes out once my parents had left me at uni. It's just a way of getting things out. 

4) Join societies
Most ex/nearly ex-students will say this to new ones. Again, it might be embarrassing but it's not. It's just getting together with other people who like doing the same thing as you. Societies are great way to meet new people and even learn new things. Plus you have fun. Universities have so many different ones from Film to Tea Appreciation, you've just got to find the one you like. 

5) Enjoy it
Simple advice that you've probably been told a million times. But honestly coming from someone who's been there. Enjoy the first few weeks because even people say first year is the least hard, you still need to put time and effort into it and the work will slowly start to creep in. 
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So, there you are. My five tips for the first few weeks of university. There are probably loads more so let me know if you think of any. Are you a new student let me know your thoughts too. 
Happy University-ing. (haha clever me) 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Photo Blog: Summer

As I prepare to move back to uni, it's hit me that Summer is over. I've had so much going on this summer, it's definitely one I won't forget so I thought I'd share it with you in pictures.
 It all started with the wedding invites
Then came the first of many wedding events
One of the outfits I wore.
 We had a civil wedding ceremony. The centerpieces were gorgeous. 
Yummmy. Chicken
 Some henna
 Wedding cake. 
 Then came birthdays. 
I managed to fit a Meetup in there. 
And a week with my nieces. This was her playing about on my phone.  
A final few wedding family friend weddings and some henna. 
And finally my birthday a few weeks ago! Yay. 
That's a quick look at my summer. I've definitely had a busy one and I doubt there will be another one like it for a while. How's your summer been? Got anything exciting still to look forward to? 
Til next time Happy Shopping x 

Monday, 8 September 2014

#NewarkBloggerMeet Goodie Bag

If you've read my other post, you'll know I went to a Newark Blogger Meetup a few weeks ago. Well, the lovely host Frankie gave us the cutest goodie bag. I just love the bag. But here's a little peek at what was inside. 
W7 Mascara and Lipstick. Essence Lipgloss and Compact Powder 
This deep red/maroon colour is perfect for autumn/winter. I'm a lipstick addict so it's perfect for me. Can't wait to use all of these products. 
I've used these Facemasks and they're great. I love the different 'flavours'. I always want to eat them though. Oops. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo
You never know when you'll need Dry Shampoo and even though I haven't tried Batiste (shock horror), this is a great little add. 
Cocoa Brown Fake Tan
Although I won't be using this myself, I'm sure I'll find a friend who can make good use out of it. Supposedly a good tanning product though. 
Nanshy Eyeshadow Brush
I'd never heard of Nanshy until I received this but from first feel of the brush, it's so soft and definitely looks like a good brush. I've even thought about buying their other brushes. I'm sure this one will serve me well though. 
Jacy and Jools
I found it so hard not open this goodie as soon as I got it. It wrapped in lovely pink tissue paper in a paper J&J bag. Neons are so in at the moment and you can wear bracelets with everything. I'm thinking Freshers Week UV rave might be the one for this. I hope I don't lose them!
Lylia Rose Earrings
I also found some Lylia Rose earrings in the goodie bag. I'm assuming this was accidental but the fact that they are Butterflies makes me love them even more. The look so delicate but pretty. 
No goodie bag is complete without some snacks in there. The first was Popcorn. Yum. 
Handmade cookies
These were by far the cutest thing included in the goodie bag; Pizza shaped and decorated cookies. They were so moreish and had to stop myself eating them at once. Props to Frankie for making these from scratch. 
Jelly Belly's
Another snack to make me fat. Still working my way through the packets. 
Kiss Air Oil Burner Wax
The final little find in the goodie bag was this oil burner wax. Firstly can I just how cute; it's heart shaped. And secondly, it's not just any scent but Blueberry Cheesecake. Heaven! I can smell it from the packaging and it smells yummy. Definitely can't wait to use that. 

As I start to use some of these products a bit more, I'll post some reviews. But thank you again to Frankie for organising such a brilliant day. And to all the brands that gave us something inside the bag. I can't wait to use/eat/try them all. 
Til next time happy shopping x 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Birthday Presents Haul

You may or may not know, it was my birthday last weekend and even turning 20 I still got a few presents. So I thought I'd share them with you all. 

TK Maxx bag
This popped up in my August Favourites but it was actually an early birthday present. I've been using it since I got it and love it. It's a more classic, elegant bag that I've wanted for a while. It just feels expensive. 

Poster, Earrings and Nail Varnish
The nail varnish from these presents was also in my August Favourites. I raved about it so much in my favourites; it's a really nice colour and leaves a shiny effect. It looks a bit like a gel varnish. What can I say about the poster? If you know me you know how much I love tea and I can't wait to put this up in my uni room. Apparently these earrings are handmade; they look so pretty and are my favourite colour! 

This was one of the presents I didn't know about. My mum bought me this as a surprise and after buying me the bag I didn't expect to get this. It's a really pretty, sweet smell. She actually bought me a tester but I told her not to buy it as I guessed it would be expensive. I've never heard of this brand as I think it's from a smaller 'boutique' shop in town. But I love it and can't wait to use it. 
 New Look Necklace
I'm not a massive everyday necklace wearer but I really like this one. It's not too ott, just the right size. I like the small detail and will have to find an outfit to wear this with now. 
Butterfly Top
Again, if you know me you know how much I love butterflies. This is such a simple but pretty and useful present. I can imagine this quite casual with leggings and some pumps. 
Sleek Romance Palette
I couldn't quite believe someone had got me makeup for my birthday. I hadn't really told my family that I secretly wanted makeup for my birthday. I guess they read my mind. But I love this and can't wait to try out some looks! I love my Storm Palette and this just adds to the collection. I love the names of the shades which isn't a massively important factor. But they are sweet. Definitely a great present. 
They were the small collection of presents I got. I love them all and can't wait to use/wear/show off all of them. Definitely feeling spoilt. Have you got any of these things? What did you think of it? Let me know. 
Happy Shopping x
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