Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The last few weeks in pictures.

So it was Diwali last month. And after a weekend at home I became very fat from all the food and sweets!

Me and my flat mates went a lovely meal at Whetherspoons! The Mexican burger I ordered was yum :D

Me and a friend treated ourselves to this scrummy dessert! I love this place. 

I had my first xmasssy drink!

The fair came to Loughborough. I had to go home for this; it just reminded me of all the memories (#emotional)

 I GOT MY FIRST EVER JOB! It's only christmas temp but I've learnt so much already. 

I decided to make out uni flat more christmassy! Love it. 

Another cheeky late night dessert (only Tesco this time though)

I bought Dior perfume with my first pay check. Sadly not for me :( 

Even more desserts! GU is amazing though! 

Another christmasy drink. 

My flat mate showed me a new fruit... It has skin like a lemon but tastes and looks like an orange... I want to find this fruit for myself. 

I went out a few times with friends. Fun nights! 

I found a xmas tree hanging from the ceiling (an underneath shot here)

I went to the Disney shop and felt like a kid again. Yay. 

 Another tree at Sheffield train station. I'm getting very christmassy as you can tell. 

I saw the COCA COLA CHRISTMAS TRUCK! Literal dream come true. #holidaysarecoming 

And I got a free mini coke can...How cute :) 

I tried to persuade my friend to visit the grotto with me. Sadly I failed :( 

I got an advent calendar! Yay, it's not december or xmas without one. (maybe this should be near the top) 

Finally I did my xmas shopping! 

There you have it, the last few weeks in pictures. It's a long post but it's just pictures. It's been busy but fun. 



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