Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Best Day EVER! (Spoiler Alert)


So, I need to let you all know what I did last Saturday. I know my friends are probably sick of me going on about this and my tweets and Facebook statuses have been about this weekend for the last few weeks! 

I WENT TO THE WARNER BRO'S TOUR OF HARRY POTTER! I'm a massive fan and it was a dream come true! My cousin decided to take me as a birthday present and I honestly had the best day ever. It was just amazing to see everything...the props, the outfits, the decorations....everything they used in the actual films! I saw soooo much, I'm not even sure what not to show you. But here goes. Here are a few of my fave bits. 

We got out tickets, watched a little film and behind the screen this showed! 

We were then taken to see this! The Great Hall - it was awesome. 

Dumbledore's office was amazing. There's so many little details to see in there. 

We had to stop at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey! I was really excited about seeing this! 

And we had to try Butter Beer! It was really sweet and had a zingy/tangy twist - I wasn't that much of a fan. But I wanted to try it. 

Diagon Alley! Just as amazing in real life. 

And I even met a Death Eater! Ahhhh! (This was a planned picture) 

This was by far my fave bit! (this might sound sad and only a true HP fan will understand) I walked into the room and was in AWE! I didn't expect to see a model of Hogwarts especially not one that was used in the actual movie and one that was massive. I can't even begin to describe the feeling when you see this. You just stand there, speechless, taking it in realising your day is nearly over. The HP theme music playing in the background makes you feel like you're actually at Hogwarts, even more emotional! 

I nearly cried when I had to leave. I had such an amazing-fab-brilliant-great-awesome-unbelievable day. The HP studios are just something you have to experience. It was the best (late) birthday present EVER! And I want to go back :( If you get the chance don't turn it down! 

Well that was my weekend, this ones gonna be just as busy so look out for the posts. Have fun and Happy Halloweeeen! :D 



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