Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back to the cold!


Actually I got back from India last Thursday, I've just been SO busy I haven't had the time to blog. So I thought I'd let you in on my trip. Hmm, where do I begin?!

Well, it was such a busy trip! We didn't stop because we had that much shopping to do. (In case you didn't know I went India to do some shopping for my cousins's wedding next year) 

We had a stop over at Dubai airport, which is amazing, I now want to see the city of Dubai...

And when we got to India it was like 40 degrees! At first it was a massive shock because of how different it is. I have been to India before but not for 4/5 years, so it took a while to settle in. 

We got there on Saturday 7th September, and as soon as Monday came we started all of our shopping. It was crazy especially in the heat. I saw so many things... cows, sheep, dogs, cats, donkeys, monkeys, rickshaws... the whole lot.

It was also my mums' brothers birthday while we were out there. So my mum decided to surprise him with a was yummy! 

We spent about two weeks shopping and for the last few days we decided to go and relax at my mums' sisters house. It was so quiet there and a nice ending to the trip. However it didn't stop raining when we were there. And when I say rain I mean HEAVY rain! So many roads were closed because the water was that high! It was crazy. 

We got back to England on the 26th September. I was sad that the trip went so quickly and I miss it now - seeing all my family out there and the heat (even though it was too hot). I had so much fun. 

However, the downer on the trip was that I got ill :( I got proper ill, I even had to have an injection... that's how bad it got! Despite that though it was a great trip and we defo got everything we needed. I want to go back. 

So that's how I spent the last few weeks. Hope you had a fun few weeks too. 



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