Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sparkles are a girls best friend

I'm back! So I thought I'd start with a nail art post. I had family engagement the weekend gone and I decided to try something different on my nails...

I went into Superdrug a few weeks ago, found nail  and thought wow! I love it. When this engagement came along it gave me the chance to try it out and I love it even more now. 

How to:
1. I started by painting a base coat (sorry it's a bit chipped) that matched my outfit and let that dry completely. 

2. I then folded a piece of paper in half - to make it easier to tip the glitter back into the pot - and poured some glitter on it. 

3. I painted a second coat and rolled my 'ring finger' in the glitter. 

4. I let that dry and carefully painted a clear top coat. I would definitely recommend this as it helps the glitter stay on longer! 

I love this effect it's great for parties and special events. But I think it has more of an impact if it's on just one nail. 

I used a purple base coat but you can use any colour and you can try other glitters as well. This one is from Superdrug for £4.99 (but they sometimes have offers so look out for them and you can get it cheaper).  I'm definitely gonna buy some other glitters now. 

Have a go at such a simple but classy look! 


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