Thursday, 20 June 2013

Magnetic Nail Varnish

I've seen so many blog posts about magnetic nail varnish but honestly I've never believed it works. I actually bought the Barry M Magnetic polish in Burgundy a while ago but for some reason the first time I tried it didn't work (might have just been the way I used it). So I kept it in my cupboard and have never used it until today. 

I was only clearing my cupboard when I found it and thought 'Ooh lets see if this works!' 

I was honestly amazed that it worked. (This might sound sad) but I felt like an amazed kid after being shown a magic trick they can't work out! Ahah. I only tried it on one nail because I wasn't sure but I think I love it now. 

I think it looks quite cute on only one finger/thumb. You could even leave it like that and paint the others plain. It'll make you're magnetic nail stand out even more. 

I'm honestly converted into a magnetic addict. Thank you Barry M :) Why don't you have a go yourself and let me know how it goes. 


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