Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shade of the week

I recently bought a shade of nail varnish that's quite different and out there for me. The colour......
Well, I dug it out today and at first I wasn't sure but I love it now. So let me share..

I love this shade now. It's such a summer shade and like described on the bottle, it definitely reminds of a summer cocktail! The perfect summer drink. It doesn't need any glitter varnish over it because it already has glitter in it - even more perfect. And the best bit is, it dries in 60 seconds and it really does cus I've tried it. 

Its a great colour and there are other shades if you don't like this one. But it has definitely become my shade of the week. x 

Want it? 
Rimmel London, £3.99, Colour: Shirley Temple. Try it! 


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