Thursday, 30 May 2013

And it all begins...

Here it is...

Outfit No 1.  

I had to attend a religious event on Sunday and decided to wear a traditional Asian outfit - A sari (the one above). I liked the colour of this one and it wasn't too heavy on the detail either so easy to wear. I loved how the sequins shined in the light - again it's all about the detail. 

I teamed it with simple top-liner, the orange nail varnish I posted about before and simple bracelets as it didn't need much else. I love this outfit as it's simple but pretty. I sense I'm gonna be wearing a lot of Asian outfits lately and I hope you like the posts about them. 


Summer means weddings

As an Asian, there's always one wedding or religious event that I have to go to. This year I've got 3 family engagements and several other's gonna be a busy year! 

So, I thought I'd share some of the outfits etc with you all and be a bit 'cultural'. 

Stay tuned and look out! x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shade of the week

I recently bought a shade of nail varnish that's quite different and out there for me. The colour......
Well, I dug it out today and at first I wasn't sure but I love it now. So let me share..

I love this shade now. It's such a summer shade and like described on the bottle, it definitely reminds of a summer cocktail! The perfect summer drink. It doesn't need any glitter varnish over it because it already has glitter in it - even more perfect. And the best bit is, it dries in 60 seconds and it really does cus I've tried it. 

Its a great colour and there are other shades if you don't like this one. But it has definitely become my shade of the week. x 

Want it? 
Rimmel London, £3.99, Colour: Shirley Temple. Try it! 


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Double Denim

I wanna start by saying sorry for not blogging for a while...been a bit busy and stressed with exams. But I'm back. 

I wanted to start again with a post about a trend that seems to be cropping up now and again....

Double Denim

It's such an easy look to get right and wrong. But the key is to mix different shades. Never wear one shade of denim throughout - it won't work. 

So, here's my take on such a simple look...

Jeans: Primark  Vest: New Look  Jacket: New Look
Teaming double denim with a simple vest/top will make the look work even more. 

There's so many different denim jackets out there so have a go! 
Happy shopping x

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