Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Obsession...

Over the last few weeks, I've become obsessed with one thing...
Although I have lots and lots of this item, something attracted me them again and I can't stop buying them now. What are they? 

It's got to be shoes! 

Let me tell you how it happened...
I went into town a few weeks ago with a friend and into Dorothy Perkins (what a mistake) just for a browse. Looking in the shoes section I saw these amazing, sparkly, glittery, fairy-tale heels staring back at me. 

I fell in love!

But, as always the price scared me - at a back braking £32 - I knew I couldn't afford them. From then, I became obsessed with finding the perfect, sparkly, glittery, fairy-tale heels. Little did I know, I'd end up buying three pairs. At first, I looked everywhere but either they were too expensive or the heel was too big or they didn't have my size. Then, it hit me...Amazon (DUH!) and there I became a victim to my first two pairs of heels.


I still wanted the shoes from Dorothy Perkins though. The price was still inkling away in my brain... Until I walked by the store and saw '25% student discount!' Oh My Gosh, I have to have them. I've already got 2 pairs of silver shoes, so I thought buy the gold ones! And I did!
From: Dorothy Perkins
I love all these shoes and fell in love as soon as I tried them on. They are definitely going to be a worth while buy! But I think I need to stop buying for a while (we'll see how that goes though). 

So, that's my fashion! You can never have too many ;) Happy shopping! 

Karishma x


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