Friday, 26 April 2013

A new week. A new obsession

If you read my other post, you'll know I went through a shoe obsession phase. Well... here we go again! 

The title of the post says it all. So, want to know my new obsession? 

Nail Varnish

I can't get enough of the stuff. It's not enough that I have a massive box at home (which I've had to cut down for Uni). Nope, I had to buy more. I love it though, I seem to be changing colours every week - I am worried for my nails, but seem fine til now. There's so many colours, styles and effects that I want to try them all. But I seem to be slowly building a bigger and bigger collection of Barry M ones and it seems to be becoming my fave make. I love their new textured effect nail varnish - it's subtle but pretty. I seem to just be loving Barry M at the moment! 

The rest of my small (an I saw small cus I have a billion more at home) Uni collection...

It safe to say I've become a nail varnish-a-holic over the last week. I bet it won't last though. Until then though...
Happy shopping!

Karishma x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My must-have of the week

My must-have of the week is . . . 


Ever since it's been in 'fashion', I've used it but I recently started using the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner and I've loved it. It's so easy to use. And it's an eyeliner pen; so perfect if you hate bottles and brushes (like me). 

I bought mine from Boots but it can pretty much be bought from anywhere that sells Soap & Glory. Buy it and try it out. 

Karishma x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Summer outfit - Day 2

I posted my 'summer' outfit for Day 1 and here's Day 2...

Day 2

Top: Select   Skirt: River Island 

I decided to wear the same top again and don't be afraid to do that - just change the outfit in some way and no one will even notice. I just wore it with a skirt instead and some tights. Again, it's a great outfit to experiment with - jackets, cardis, pumps, boots, uggs - it goes with them all! And that's why I wore it. 
Til next time...happy shopping. 

Karishma x

Summer outfit - Day 1

So it's finally starting feel spring is here and summers on the way with at this sunshine we're having (we'll so how long it lasts though). And with sun comes the summery outfit - yay! I'm sure everyone's bored of jeans, so I thought I'd show you my spring/summer outfits over the next few day or until the sun goes away. 

Here we go.... (I'll apologize for the mess of my Uni room now) 

Day 1

Top: Select   Leggings: H&M
You can pretty much style this outfit up however you want. You can wear pumps or boots, a jacket or a cardigan... It's such a simple but cute outfit. And it's what I wore on Day 1 of 'summers coming weather.' 
Happy shopping. 

Karishma x


Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Obsession...

Over the last few weeks, I've become obsessed with one thing...
Although I have lots and lots of this item, something attracted me them again and I can't stop buying them now. What are they? 

It's got to be shoes! 

Let me tell you how it happened...
I went into town a few weeks ago with a friend and into Dorothy Perkins (what a mistake) just for a browse. Looking in the shoes section I saw these amazing, sparkly, glittery, fairy-tale heels staring back at me. 

I fell in love!

But, as always the price scared me - at a back braking £32 - I knew I couldn't afford them. From then, I became obsessed with finding the perfect, sparkly, glittery, fairy-tale heels. Little did I know, I'd end up buying three pairs. At first, I looked everywhere but either they were too expensive or the heel was too big or they didn't have my size. Then, it hit me...Amazon (DUH!) and there I became a victim to my first two pairs of heels.


I still wanted the shoes from Dorothy Perkins though. The price was still inkling away in my brain... Until I walked by the store and saw '25% student discount!' Oh My Gosh, I have to have them. I've already got 2 pairs of silver shoes, so I thought buy the gold ones! And I did!
From: Dorothy Perkins
I love all these shoes and fell in love as soon as I tried them on. They are definitely going to be a worth while buy! But I think I need to stop buying for a while (we'll see how that goes though). 

So, that's my fashion! You can never have too many ;) Happy shopping! 

Karishma x


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In my wardrobe

So, as this is my first topic related post (yay!) I thought I'd give you a look inside my wardrobe - well my uni one anyway. 

doesn't look like a lot of clothes in the picture but in reality I'm a clothes-lover! Oh and these aren't all of them, I still have a few at home. (I told you, you'd see I'm a shopaholic) In my eyes, you can never have too many clothes. 

So let me give you a little peep into my style...

I love my comfy clothes like trusty jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, cardis but when summer comes round I also love my skirts and summer dresses. In fact I have so many dresses, I've lost count. I don't really have a fave colour in clothes (as you can see) If I like something, I'll buy it no matter what colour and it's great to experiment with a bit of colour. 

As much as being on-trend is important for me, so is feeling comfortable. So when it comes to shopping and even picking an outfit in the morning, I always pick something I'm comfortable in. I think it's important for everyone to wear something that's not just on-trend but (oops, need another word comfortable) that they enjoy wearing. 

Anyone who knows me well, will tell you I never leave the house without a scarf one! I'm not sure why, I think I get so used to wearing one at winter and forget to take it off. 

Again, this is a very small collection because I had to selective for uni - yes, it was hard to choose. But I chose one for every season and weather - the thick purple scarf for cold winter weather, the thin white scarf for warm summer days (not that we've had many so far), the other purple scarf for those 'in-between' days or spring and the browny/orange one for those not too cold but turning colder autumn days. See, I told you I had one for every season, well I kind of made that up as I went along but I do genuinely have that many scarves they could be sorted for every season. 

Anyway, I do love my scarves, they keep my neck warm and add a bit of detail to a 'plain' outfit. 

When it comes to shoes I'm a typical girl - you can never have enough! 

My small uni collection is not the end of it (again, I had to be selective) Admittedly, I have even worn half of these shoes but yet I still keep buying. I've definitely become more of a 'shoeaholic' since starting university and I keep finding ones that I like! It'll never stop I know. 

Again, I've got shoes for every weather - quite literally - wellies for rain and snow, boots for the cold, dolly shoes for the warm and sandals (I have no idea why I bought them to uni, in this weather?!) for the hot days. I love my shoes but I've definitely got a fave - My Uggs!

They're a bit of a selective taste shoe but I quite literally have no idea what I'd do without them - that's how much I love them! As you can see, I've worn them pretty well and the best thing is, they keep my feet toasty warm in the chilly weather. If you've got a pair or tried some on, you'll know they're unbelievably comfortable as well - a massive bonus compared to heels. 

I always wanted real uggs, I'd gone through so many fake ones that when I saw the real ones in shops I fell in love. When I finally got them, words couldn't describe how I felt - the best thing was they were an unexpected present, thank you to my brothers - but I knew I'd wear them as much as I could. You may think it's sad but everyone's got/had one pair of shoes they've loved more than the rest - well these are that for me. I love my Uggs. Simple as. 

So, there you go. A little peek into my (uni) wardrobe. I'm sure you'll learn more and more about my style and taste as I post more and more but for now that's all you're getting. So, I hope you liked it and happy shopping. 

Karishma x


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Get to know me a bit more

I thought it would be good for you guys to get to know me a bit, before my first actual post. So, here are a few facts me about. 

1. I'm an only child (I do wonder what it would be like to have a sibling but I'm used to it) 
2. I used to suck my thumb as a baby and had to have braces - painful! 
3. I'm the youngest in my year, born 31st August.
4. I'm a MASSIVE magazine hoarder. When I say massive, I mean massive - I have 2 boxes full of them and I don't even know why?! But I can't bring myself to throw them away. 
5. I LOVE shopping. I'm the true definition of a shopaholic, you'll understand as you read the posts.
6. No-one ever pronounces my surname (Ravalia) right the first time - Ra vay lee yah. 
7. My family have a nickname for me - Kookie  or Kooks (Like cookie but with a K).
8. I love to bake especially cupcakes. 
9. I used to have fishes but they died (sad times) 
10. After university I want to go travelling around the world (we'll see if this actually happens) 

There you go. A few facts about me. I'm sorry they're not that interesting but it gives an insight into me. See you soon on my first 'on-topic' post. 

Karishma x


A bit about me

Hi. I'm Karishma. A Journalism student at Sheffield Hallam. But from a small town in the Midlands - Loughborough (It's near Leicester). I'm currently creating another blog for one of my University modules so check it out here. But deep down I love fashion, clothing and all things related! So I've created this blog. I hope you enjoy 'a little peep into my life'. 

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